Postdoctoral Fellows

Christopher Fell, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: High Resolution Mapping of Transcription Factors During Neurodevelopment
Tomoe Ishikawa, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Neural circuits for immune modulation during social contact with sick individuals
Amrita Lamba, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Investigating Social Learning and Inference Mechanisms in Asymmetric Social Exchanges
Lace Riggs, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Circuit mechanisms underlying autism-related anxiogenesis
Chhavi Sood, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Role of FMRP interactions with presynaptic ion channels in Fragile X Syndrome
Gabriel Stine, Ph.D. Simons Fellow
Prediction and learning in the cerebello-thalamo-cortical pathway
Lukas Vogelsang, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Examining higher-order temporal processing in autism
Yugang Zhang, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Conditional expression of therapeutic cargo in neurons of autism spectrum disorders

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Ruidong Chen, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Neural basis of social inference in nonhuman primates

Sajal Sen, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Probing Acetylcholinesterase Activity In Autism Using Novel Multimodal MRI Contrast Agents

Chenjie Shen, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: RNA editing as a gene therapy approach for Rett Syndrome

Michael Segel, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Exploiting retroelements for targeted gene insertion

Alex Major, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Probing the cortical circuits that prevent sensory overload

Sophie Bridgers, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Intentional and Unintentional Misunderstandings: How goal ambiguity and trade-off between needs inform social compliance across development and neurodiversity

Shaoyu Lin, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Holistic interrogation of iPSC-cortical organoids modeling MeCP2 deficiency in Rett syndrome

Xuyu Qian, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Charting the cell type-specific enhancer activities of human accelerated regions in brain development and autism

Frederik Kamps, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Development of Cortical Regions for Social Perception and Cognition

Menglong Zeng, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Characterization of the functional impact of Shank3-CaMKIIα interaction

Liron Rozenkrantz, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Neural mechanism of hyper-rationality in ASD

William Menegas, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Behavioral and neural measurements of social reward in freely moving marmosets

Danielle Tomasello,Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Metabolic Changes After Disruption of 16p11.2 Gene Expression

Jakob Voigts, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Dendritic mechanisms of context dependent cortical computation

Alexandra (Sasha) Krol, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Uncovering the developmental and circuit origin of ASD-associated aggression

Oliver Saunders Wilder, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Quantitative Assessment of Socio-Affective Dynamics in Autism Using Interpersonal Physiology

Jeong-Tae Kwon, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Mechanistic Interrogation of Oxytocin’s Role in Social Learning

Anila D’Mello, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Characterizing Neural Adaptation in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Nancy Padilla-Coreano, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Neural circuit dynamics of prefrontal regulation of social dominance via the hypothalamus

Siyuan Rao, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Magnetochemogenetics: wireless temporally and spatially precise chemical neuromodulation in a mouse model of autism

Stefano Anzellotti, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Investigating the dynamic interactions between brain regions involved in social cognitive processes

Boaz Barak, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Discovering the neural circuit responsible for social behavior in mice

Fernando Bustos, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Use of CRISPRs for the removal of a spontaneous mutation causing abnormal Autism-like behaviors.

Bradley Carter, Ph.D., Simons Center Postdoctoral Fellow
Project: Understanding CNVs and autism: genetic interactions of the 16p11.2 region

Jae-Byum Chang, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Large-volume nanoscale imaging of synaptic proteins to understand the molecular mechanisms of autism

Ritchie Chen, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Structural, molecular, and electrophysiological phenotyping of brain organoid models of Rett syndrome

Limor Freifeld, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: High-throughput characterization of neural circuit dysfunction in larval zebrafish models of autism

Ulrich Froriep, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Electrophysiological Correlates of Repetitive Behavior in a Mouse Model of Autism

Kathryn Harris, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Characterization of Shank function in drosophila

Lei Jin, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Engineering systems for cell-type-specific transgene expression in wild-type-animals

Yea Jin Kaeser-Woo, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Molecular tuning of Wnt signaling by the Autism-associated gene CHD8

Mehmet Kanik, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Fiber-Based Probes for Depth Specific Electrophysiological Correlation of Cortical Phenotypical Abnormalities in a Mouse Model of Autism

Sung-Yon Kim, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Comprehensive structural and molecular phenotyping of mouse models for Rett syndrome

Gillian Matthews, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Optogenetic dissection of the neural circuitry underlying social interaction

Paul Muentener, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Learning by doing: A longitudinal investigation into the relationship between early exploratory play behaviors and developmental disorders

Elizabeth Norton, Ph.D., SCSB Schwinn Family Postdoctoral Fellow
Project: Time course and functional specialization of face processing in Autism: a simultaneous EEG-fMRI investigation

Lindsey Powell, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Social affiliation and imitation in the typically developing brain

Neville Sanjana, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Using Genome Engineering to Model Angelman Syndrome: Creation of human cell models of autism

Jorg Scholvin, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Three-dimensional Microelectrode Recording of Neural Circuit Dynamics in Autistic Model Mice

Or Shemesh, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Single cell resolution optogenetics: development and application to autism functional connectomics

Yeong Shin Yim, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Investigating the role of IL17Ra during brain development in autistic model mice

Ian Slaymaker, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Behavioral and neurological characterization of mice with loss-of-function CHD8 mutation

Philipp S. Stawski, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Super-Resolution Imaging of Synaptic Proteins and their Roles in Synaptic Plasticity

Xin Tang, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Identify KCC2 Enhancers to treat Rett Syndrome

Ashley Watson, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Investigating the functions of HDAC9 in the molecular etiology of autism

Romy Wichmann, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Investigating the role of dopamine and stress in social interactions

Yang Zhou, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Developing TALENs Mediated Genome Engineering Technology in Rodent and Primate Cells for Autism Research