Reaching beyond MIT

SCSB supports and encourages collaborations between MIT-based researchers and others in the Boston area. Our Seed Grant funding program is available to any Boston-area autism researcher with a collaborator at MIT. The projects listed below are such collaborations. In addition, some of our Postdoctoral Fellows have chosen to undertake research under the secondary mentorship of PIs outside MIT. If you are looking for funding for your collaborative research project, please see our Funding page for further details.


Researchers in Partner Institutions

Stephen Carr, PhD, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Mark Daly, PhD, Broad Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital

Matthew Goodwin, PhD, Department of Health Sciences, Northeastern University

Gagan Joshi, MD, Harvard Medical School; Autism Spectrum Disorders Program, Massachusetts General Hospital

Zsuzsana Kaldy, PhD, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Walter Kaufmann, MD, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Margaret Kjelgaard, PhD, CCC-SLP, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Massachusetts General Hospital; McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT

Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Eleni Maneta, MD, Department of Psychiatry, Boston Children’s Hospital; Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Dara Manoach, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Steven McCarroll, PhD, Stanley Center Genetics Program, Broad Institute; Harvard Medical School

Caroline Robertson, PhD, Harvard University

Mustafa Sahin, MD, PhD, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School


Partner Institutions

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School
Boston Children’s Hospital
MGH Institue of Health Professionals
University of Massachusetts Boston

Northeastern University