Postdoctoral Fellows

StefaStefano Anzellottino Anzellotti, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Investigating the dynamic interactions between brain regions involved in social cognitive processes
Jae-Byum Chang, Ph.D., Simons Fellowjchang
Project: Large-volume nanoscale imaging of synaptic proteins to understand the molecular mechanisms of autism
RChenRitchie Chen, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Structural, molecular, and electrophysiological phenotyping of brain organoid models of Rett syndrome
Lei Jin, Ph.D., Simons Fellow

Project: Engineering systems for cell-type-specific transgene expression in wild-type-animals


mehmet-kanikMehmet Kanik, Ph.D., Simons Fellow

Project: Fiber-Based Probes for Depth Specific Electrophysiological Correlation of Cortical Phenotypical Abnormalities in a Mouse Model of Autism

siyuan-raoSiyuan Rao, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Magnetochemogenetics: wireless temporally and spatially precise chemical neuromodulation in a mouse model of autism
xin-tang_headshotXin Tang, Ph.D., Simons Fellow

Project: Identify KCC2 Enhancers to treat Rett Syndrome

 yyimYeong Shin Yim, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Investigating the role of IL17Ra during brain development in autistic model mice


Ashley Watson, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Investigating the functions of HDAC9 in the molecular etiology of autism
 Oliver Wilder-SmithOliver Wilder-Smith, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Quantitative Assessment of Socio-Affective Dynamics in Autism Using Interpersonal Physiology


Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Boaz Barak, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Discovering the neural circuit responsible for social behavior in mice

Fernando Bustos, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Use of CRISPRs for the removal of a spontaneous mutation causing abnormal Autism-like behaviors.

Bradley Carter, Ph.D., Simons Center Postdoctoral Fellow
Project: Understanding CNVs and autism: genetic interactions of the 16p11.2 region

Limor Freifeld, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: High-throughput characterization of neural circuit dysfunction in larval zebrafish models of autism

Ulrich Froriep, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Electrophysiological Correlates of Repetitive Behavior in a Mouse Model of Autism

Kathryn Harris, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Characterization of Shank function in drosophila

Yea Jin Kaeser-Woo, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Molecular tuning of Wnt signaling by the Autism-associated gene CHD8

Sung-Yon Kim, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Comprehensive structural and molecular phenotyping of mouse models for Rett syndrome

Gillian Matthews, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Optogenetic dissection of the neural circuitry underlying social interaction

Paul Muentener, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Learning by doing: A longitudinal investigation into the relationship between early exploratory play behaviors and developmental disorders

Elizabeth Norton, Ph.D., SCSB Schwinn Family Postdoctoral Fellow
Project: Time course and functional specialization of face processing in Autism: a simultaneous EEG-fMRI investigation

Lindsey Powell, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Social affiliation and imitation in the typically developing brain

Neville Sanjana, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Using Genome Engineering to Model Angelman Syndrome: Creation of human cell models of autism

Jorg Scholvin, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Three-dimensional Microelectrode Recording of Neural Circuit Dynamics in Autistic Model Mice

Or Shemesh, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Single cell resolution optogenetics: development and application to autism functional connectomics

Ian Slaymaker, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Behavioral and neurological characterization of mice with loss-of-function CHD8 mutation

Philipp S. Stawski, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Super-Resolution Imaging of Synaptic Proteins and their Roles in Synaptic Plasticity

Romy Wichmann, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Investigating the role of dopamine and stress in social interactions

Yang Zhou, Ph.D., Simons Fellow
Project: Developing TALENs Mediated Genome Engineering Technology in Rodent and Primate Cells for Autism Research