Yearly Archives: 2020

Study helps explain why motivation to learn declines with age

Research on mice suggests aging affects a brain circuit critical for learning to make some types of decisions. Source: [MIT News Office, Anne Trafton | October 27, 2020] As people age, they often lose their motivation to learn new things or engage in everyday activities. In a study of mice, […]

Live imaging method brings structural information to mapping of brain function

Source: [The Picower Institute News | September 17, 2020] To understand the massive capabilities and complexities of the brain, neuroscientists segment it into regions based on what they appear to do—like processing what we sense or how to move. What’s been lacking, however, is an ability to tie those functional […]

DNA droplets may be key to Rett syndrome, researchers say

Source: [Spectrum, Angie Voyles Askham | August 27, 2020] Problems with the formation of DNA-filled droplets that control gene expression may contribute to Rett syndrome, a new study suggests1. Droplets routinely form throughout cells, akin to drops of oil in water, to compartmentalize molecules for various purposes, including the regulation of gene […]

Mapping the brain’s sensory gatekeeper

New analysis could help uncover potential drug targets for attention deficits and sensory hypersensitivity. Source: [MIT News Office, Anne Trafton | July 22, 2020] Many people with autism experience sensory hypersensitivity, attention deficits, and sleep disruption. One brain region that has been implicated in these symptoms is the thalamic reticular […]