Yearly Archives: 2021

Brain’s sensory switchboard has complex connections to autism

Source: [Spectrum News, Sarah Deweerdt | November 15, 2021] Since sensory differences became part of the diagnostic criteria for autism in 2013, an increasing number of autism researchers have been drawn to the thalamus, the egg-shaped sensory relay station nestled deep in the brain. The flurry of interest has built […]

Scientists harness human protein to deliver molecular medicines to cells

Made of components found in the human body, the programmable system is a step toward safer, targeted delivery of gene editing and other molecular therapeutics. Source: [Broad Institute | August 19, 2021] The following press release was issued by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Researchers from MIT, the […]

Tiny brains grown in 3D-printed bioreactor

Small device contains wells to let small bits of tissue grow, develop, and be studied in real time Source: [Picower News | April 7, 2021] Scientists from The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras have grown small amounts of self-organizing brain […]

Mice naturally engage in physical distancing, study finds

MIT neuroscientists have identified a brain circuit that stops mice from mating with others that appear to be sick. Source: [MIT News Office, Ann Trafton | March 31, 2021] When someone is sick, it’s natural to want to stay as far from them as possible. It turns out this is […]