A show and tell about ♫ (sound bite): Autism, Interdependence and Reciprocity

A show and tell about  (sound bite)
Autism, Interdependence and Reciprocity

Nathalie van Bockstaele | Concept designer and performer
Jason O’Keefe, Elise L’Herault, Michael Jauquet, Noa Alon | Artist performers
Pablo Friedmann | Fellow artist, mentor and partner
Jocelyn Odóna Holm, Jackie Lee | Discussants

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Host: Mriganka Sur, Ph.D., FRS

We, parent, companions, and friends, present our real life experience with autism and what we have learned from it: how practicing increased dependence makes us aware of interdependence; how positing reciprocity (which in a quasi-nonverbal environment amounts to observing actions and responding to them) opens original dialogues; and how, as a result, interacting with autism promotes constant creativity in order to both decipher and offer feedback.

What you are going to see are demonstrations in the form of gestures we have shaped from our experience. We urge you to imagine—that is to actively build in your mind a representation of what underlies our choice of gestures—what they stand for and reveal and how you would respond. We address these concepts multiple times, with the help of our discussants, before we open the Q&A exchange.