2013 Summer UROP Poster Session, August 9, 2013

Presenters and Poster Titles

Manipulation and Characterization of Shank in Drosophila
Maximilien Baas-Thomas, UROP Scholar, Littleton Lab (PILM, Biology)

Interaction between autism risk genes Shank3 and Aldolase A: Potential localized glycolysis at synapse?
Emma Chaloux-Pinette, Simons Scholar, Sive Lab (Whitehead Institute, Biology)

Optimizing Methods for the Identification of Differentially Expressed mRNA Tran-scripts Correlated with Restricted Repetitive Behavior Induced by D-Amphetamine
Berj K Chilingirian, UROP Scholar, Graybiel Lab (MIBR, BCS)

The social epidemiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder: An examination of social and organizational risk factors for diagnosis
Shadab Dawood, Simons Scholar, Silbey Lab (Sloan/Anthropology)

What you meant, not what you said: quantifying and exploring comprehension of non-literal speech
Shivani Kaushal, Simons Scholar, Saxe Lab (MIBR, BCS)

A New Transgenic Mouse Line for Identification of Striosomes – a Basal Ganglia Compartment Implicated in Restricted Repetitive Behaviors
Maiko Kitaoka, UROP Scholar, Graybiel Lab (MIBR, BCS)

Synaptic role of the major vault protein in developmental disorders
Olivia LaFond, MSRP Scholar, Sur Lab (PILM, SCSB)

Characterizing the function of the striosomal system of the striatum in cortico-basal ganglia circuits related to autism spectrum disorders
Sarah Lund, UROP Scholar, Graybiel Lab (MIBR, BCS)

Costs, competence, and morality: The development of social cognition
Mika Maeda, Simons Scholar, Schulz Lab (BCS)

Autism Technologies Beyond the App
Elaine McVay, UROP Scholar, Picard Lab (Media Lab)

Development of a multi-well calcium indicator assay to screen therapeutics in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Gergely Odor, Simons Scholar, Bear Lab (PILM, HHMI)

Mapping the Proteome of the Axon Initial Segment Using a Spatially Restricted Enzymatic Labeling Approach
Kayvon Pedram, UROP Scholar, Ting Lab (Chemistry)

A Novel Approach to Examining Cognitive Flexibility in Autism
Danielle Penny, Simons Scholar, Gabrieli Lab (MIBR, BCS/HST)

Cell type-specific developmental plasticity in a mouse model of Rett Syndrome
Esmeralda Romero, UROP Scholar, Sur Lab (PILM, SCSB)

Shank Proteins and their Interaction Partners Regulate Hippocampal Synaptic Transmission and Surface Receptor Expression
Rebecca Shi, Simons Scholar, Xu Lab (BCS)

Two-choice extinction: A novel behavioral assay for cognitive flexibility in the Fragile X mouse model
Madison Taylor, Simons Scholar, Bear Lab (PILM, HHMI)

CalDAG-GEFI knockout mice have excessive restricted and repetitive behaviors but normal social interaction
Priscilla Yu, Simons Scholar, Graybiel Lab (MIBR, BCS)

Characterization of neuronal network activity in Shank3 using multi-electrode arrays
Tom (Tianyi) Zhou, UROP Scholar, Feng Lab (MIBR)