2012 Summer UROP Poster Session and Luncheon, August 3, 2012


Presenter: Asha Albuquerque, Simons Scholar – SAXE LAB
Title: The Pragmatics of Pronouns
Authors: Asha Albuquerque, Rebecca Nappa, Jesse Snedeker, and Rebecca Saxe

Presenter: Dawna Bagherian, Simons Scholar – BEAR LAB
Title: Can chronic mGluR5 antagonism correct a cognitive deficit in a Fragile X mouse model?
Authors: Michael S. Sidorov, Dawna P. Bagherian and Mark F. Bear

Presenter: Alexandra Clemente, MSRP Scholar – SUR LAB
Title: Morphological characterization of MeCP2 Knock-Out cortical neurons in V1
Authors: Alexandra Clemente, Jorge Castro, Gertrudis Perea, Mriganka Sur

Presenter: Samantha Hartzell, Simons Scholar – Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL)
Title: Impaired maternal cholesterol sulfate supply may contribute to autism in developing brains
Authors: Samantha Hartzell, Stephanie Seneff

Presenter: Shannon Kao, Simons Scholar – PICARD LAB, Affective Computing (MIT Media Lab)
Title: Storyscape: A social illustrated primer
Authors: Micah Eckhardt, Shannon Kao

Presenter: Rebecca MacRae, Simons Scholar – FENG LAB
Title: Comparison of Striatal PV-labeled Cells between WT and Sapap3 KO Mice
Authors: Rebecca MacRae, Patricia Monteiro, Guoping Feng

Presenter: Jennifer C Sangliana, Simons Scholar – SCOLNICK LAB, Stanley Center – Broad Institute
Title: Autism Causing De Novo Mutations in Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels
Authors: Jennifer C Sangliana, Xiulin Liu, Jen Pan, Ed Scolnick

Presenter: Victoria D Servin, Amgen Scholar – SUR LAB, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Characterization of an induced pluripotent stem cell model of Rett syndrome
Authors: Victoria Servin, Danielle Feldman, Sally Kwok, Mriganka Sur

Presenter: Rebecca Shi, Simons Scholar – XU LAB
Title: Shank Proteins Differentially Regulate Hippocampal Synaptic Transmission
Patrick T. Redman, Kendrick J. Jones, Rebecca Shi, Weifeng Xu

Presenter: Huaiying (Shan Shan) Wang, Simons Scholar – FENG LAB
Title: The potential role of sonic hedgehog signaling in autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disability
Authors: Huaiying (Shan Shan) Wang, Michael Wells, & Guoping Feng

Presenter: Cathleen Ye, Simons Scholar – GRAYBIEL LAB
Title: Assessment of sterotypies in humanized Foxp2 mice
Authors: Cathleen Ye, Christiane Schreiweis, Ann M Graybiel

Presenter: Joanne Zhou – TONEGAWA LAB
Title: The Role of Dentate Gyrus D1 and D5 Dopamine Receptors in Learning and Memory
Authors: Joanne Zhou, Joshua Sariñana, Julie Moyer, Susumu Tonegawa