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[Spectrum News, Maris Fessenden / September 26, 2023] A new lightweight device with a wisplike tether can record neural activity while mice jump, run and explore their environment. The open-source recording system, which its creators call ONIX, overcomes several of the limitations of previous systems and enables the rodents to move more […]

Lightweight system captures brain activity while mice jump

[MIT News | Maura R. O’Connor, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences | September 22, 2023] Over a decade ago, the neuroscientist Ev Fedorenko asked 48 English speakers to complete tasks like reading sentences, recalling information, solving math problems, and listening to music. As they did this, she scanned their […]

Re-imagining our theories of language

In a simple game that humans typically ace, mice learn the winning strategy, too, but refuse to commit to it, new research shows. [MIT News, David Orenstein | The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory | September 15, 2023] Neuroscience discoveries ranging from the nature of memory to treatments for disease have […]

Study decodes surprising approach mice take in learning