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Polina Anikeeva explores ways to make neural probes that are compatible with delicate biological tissues. Source: [MIT News Office, David L. Chandler | February 18, 2018] Polina Anikeeva was born in Leningrad, USSR, but grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia; the city’s name reverted to its original form after the […]

Seeking materials that match the brain

Prize recognizes contributions to biomedical research made by immigrant scientists. Source: [McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Julie Pryor | February 1, 2018] Polina Anikeeva, the Class of 1942 Associate Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and associate director of the Research Laboratory of Electronics, and Feng Zhang, the […]

Polina Anikeeva and Feng Zhang awarded 2018 Vilcek Prize